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Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Friday! This post shouldn't be too long, but I wanted to share a bit about how the name came to be. It's funny how your blog name changes to fit your current stage of life. And if you're not a blogger that sentence probably sounds ridiculous 😄

At first my blog was named The Gimlin Family. Ha! Pretty straight to the point and BORING! I'll be the first (and second, and third) to tell you creativity with words is not my thing. I feel like I can write ok, but titles are tough. I've always struggled with it for blog names, posts titles, and now even article titles for a local magazine I design for. I'm not punny and often sit starting at the screen running words through my head until something sticks. 

When blogging kind of became a thing, I changed it to How Sweet it is! I no longer wanted my last name in the title since I was sharing with a bigger, sometimes unknown audience. It's a fine balance to share and protect at the same time. "How Sweet it is to be loved by you" by James Taylor is the song Ben and I walked back down the aisle to after getting married so it felt like it fit.

After a few years that was changed to How Sweet This Is! Not much change, just a little more direction. It remained that and still does today, but like I mentioned in my last post that blog got a bit of exposure with a few posts about my Whole 30 experience, and it no longer feels like mine. It's more of an archive now. I'll leave it since there are some pretty creative things we've shared (myself and Candace with Citrus and Cream), but I don't want to write there.

When trying to think of a new name for this space I tried a few different things and it all felt too generic. I decided to try and keep 'sweet' in the name since it's been around for so long. Home Sweet Home was the first thing that came to mind, but again, too generic. So I thought of Home Sweet Here and it felt right. Here, where you'll find our story. Here, where it's crazy and chaotic at times and my thoughts might not make sense. Here, where I feel like I might lose my mind on a daily basis. Here, where I struggle to be enough. But also Here, where contentment can be found. Here, where there is enough. Here, where He is enough. Here, where life is busy and hard but still sweet and full. Here.

I am at a time in my life where I've lost a bit of myself (more on that in another post) and I find myself often thinking about how it would be easier if things we're different. If only my house was bigger, if I had more time, if I was more organized, if I could lose weight, if we saved more, on and on. Being present is hard! It's hard to focus only on today, I am a planner, but those things may or may not change, and in the meantime, in the chaos, there is contentment and happiness to be found, to be sought. Home Sweet Here, finding contentment in the chaos.

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  1. Choosing titles is tough--for real! Hardest part of writing. Welcome back to blog life! :)